How I Trade Stocks For a Living -- [Chapter 4]

Every businessman's dream is to start or own a successful company that
keeps on growing in size and keeps on generating income year after year. 
Most businessmen don't go into business with the intent of quickly selling
their company for a quick one time profit.  A company owner, for instance,
wants to grow his company to hire more employees and generate more
income.  A real estate investor wants to own several homes or hotels or
commercial properties that generates him rental income year in and year
out, while at the same time hoping his properties appreciate in value over
the years.  A gas station owner wants to own a nice piece of street corner
real estate and sell you gas for income day after day, week after week and
year after year, and also see his real estate increase in value as the years go
by.  Very few of these people are interested in selling out their business for a
one time short term profit.  Real businessmen do not "flip" their businesses
like people flip burgers.  Real businessmen think long term value and long
term income. 
Once a businessman successfully creates his first growing profitable
business, be it a hotel, company, or gas station, his next move is to
duplicate that success into creating more hotels, companies, or gas
stations.  His first business is already growing internally on its own, but
adding a second business multiplies his business growth and also adds a new
stream of income.  All this can eventually snowball into a huge organization
and create mega wealth for the owner.  In similar fashion, this is the logic
and awesome power behind The Beanieville System.
You see, most short term stock market traders are "flippers".  Some flip and
flip from stock to stock day in and day out, without ever putting their
endeavor in the context of how a businessman thinks.  In many areas of life,
you and I know that "flippers" don't usually amount to much in terms of long
term success.  Is it no wonder we have never heard of a billionaire
daytrader?  Is it any wonder that most day traders fail or have meager long
term results? Even among those that succeed, do most actually create great
wealth?  I would venture to say no!  The truth is, real wealth is created
through long term investing and reinvesting (through income generation) in
a business or businesses.
Now you know how a real businessman thinks and that this will tie into The
Beanieville System, it is important to keep this chapter in mind when I go
into the details of the system.   Another very important concept that The
Beanieville System uses is the law of compounding and the Rule of 72.

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