How I Trade Stocks For a Living -- [Introduction]

I'm a professional day trader and investor, and I have been trading for over
10 years now.  Throughout the years, I've spent endless hours surfing the
web, and buying and reading just about all, hundreds and hundreds, of the
stock market books at my local Borders bookstore and library.  Day and
night I breathe the stock market, trying to figure out what is the best way to
make money in the stock market for myself in the long run.  I traded the
stock market in various vehicles and in various ways:  pennystocks, regular
stocks, stock options, day trading, swing trading, investing.  And for several
years, I felt like I was just chasing my own tail.  I jumped from stock to
stock, vehicle to vehicle, and it made me wanna pull my hair out when I got
nothing to show by the end of the year when it's time to do the taxes. 
Luckily, I never quit, whether it was due to stubbornness or ego.  But what I
did have was passion for the stock market all along.  I felt it was my new
calling in life that I've never felt before with any other endeavor up to that
point.  A couple years ago, a huge light bulb was lit in my head.
Trading and investing is my passion and I wouldn't want to do anything else
other than what I'm doing now.  Can I help you succeed in the markets so
that you do not become statistics?  The answer is yes.  The system is very
simple.  The pieces are not something you don't already know.  With a little
bit of lateral thinking, I was able to formulate a blockbuster approach to the
stock market.  If you're a good trader now, application of The Beanieville
System can will help you achieve massive returns that institutional pros can
only dream of.  The good news is, if you're an average or bad trader, The
Beanieville System can help you improve your trading and improve your
overall stock market returns with less work than before.  In short, The
Beanieville System just makes your life as a trader so much easier by giving
you a simple blueprint on how you should approach trading from day one. 
You don't need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your account to use The Beanieville System.  You can start with pretty much ​any
​ amount, but I recommend a minimum of five thousand ($5,000) dollars because
of brokerage commissions, unless you can get really really low (under $5 per
trade) commissions.  Having a small account as minimum does not mean I'll
get you folks involved with stuff like options, futures or penny stock trading. On the contrary, I want to steer you ​away​ from these risky ventures. 
Trading for a living means you make enough to support you and your family,
pay the taxes, and still have your account growing steadily.  That is a very
worthwhile goal.  When you can do this for several years through all types of
markets (bull & bear), then your life changes and you answer to nobody. 
It's an exhilarating feeling.   

The key to real success in the market is to mesh short term trading (day or
swing) and investing as an alternative to the prevalent one-sided approach
to the market.  The short term traders don't have much good things to say
about the investors, and vice versa.  It doesn't need to be that way.  Both
short term income generation and long term wealth creation are very
important. If you are just an investor you will most likely still be working for
somebody while waiting for your investments to get you out of the corporate
world. If you are just a short term trader, you get short term income but
you miss the benefits of wealth creation you get from investing. To be
successful, you necessarily have to be really good at either. Most people are
not that great with short term trading or long term investing. But once you
know how to mesh the two approaches, the threshold goes down - you don't
have to be great with either. You are now a force to be reckoned with when
you are able to mesh the two approaches.  All will be much clearer on why I
say this, once you're done reading to the end.  I am now absolutely
convinced that making money in the market need not be complicated.  The
right approach is usually simple and logical.  
If you're a good trader right now, your long term returns can improve
substantially if you put your trading system into the context of The
Beanieville System.   If you are a poor trader now, your trading and long
term returns can improve under the guidance of The Beanieville System. 
This is the beauty intrinsic in what I have discovered.  By some estimates,
90% of all traders will eventually fail.  But, by applying the ideas of The
Beanieville System, I believe that  the overall percentage of failed traders
can decrease substantially. 
The Beanieville System aims to help you achieve two very important goals: 
Generate income (trading for a living) and create a massive long term
portfolio.  Get ready, I think your trading and investing life is about to
change, if you're open to lateral thinking.  From this point forward, I am
presenting you The Beanieville System, in its entirety, as best as I can
express it in the written form.

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