How I Trade Stocks For a Living -- [Preface]

(How I Trade Stocks For A Living)

By Trader Beanie (Copyright 2008-2017.  All rights reserved.) 
As you know, the advent of the Internet changed everything.  For one, the
explosive growth of the internet worldwide allowed many small businesses to
make a name for themselves and to make big money online, whereas it
would have been impossible or prohibitively expensive otherwise.   The
Internet also spawned a new breed of day traders, swing traders and
investors who want to extract money from the stock market, either as a
part-time affair or as a full-time income generating business.  These are
indeed very exciting times for those who want to make money in the stock
market.  These are times made for you and me! 
I am excited and thankful of what the Age of the Internet has given me and
many others like me.  Without it, I would have never embarked onto the
journey of becoming a trader and investor.   It would not have been possible
for anyone who started on a shoestring account.  There would be no real
time information to trade on, and broker fees would be prohibitively
expensive.  I am lucky to be able to do the thing I most enjoy doing - to
trade stocks for a living.  I love it more than any other endeavor I've
encounter in my life.  This is my calling.  This is my life.
The ideas in this manual that is now in your hands has taken me many years
to finally figure out and to put all the ideas together to form The Beanieville
System, which has allowed me to successfully trade the stock market.   
I'm not going to try to fluff up this manual with stuff that are not really
pertinent or necessary, just to make it seem like you're getting your
money's worth.  
As you may already know, most of the trades I call out at my blog has really
nothing to do with The Beanieville System.  Those trades, day trades and
swing trades, were provided for you to make an extra buck.  However, the
day trading and swing trading methods that we use at my blog can all be
incorporated into my system.

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