Nvidia Corporation

NVidia Corporation is an American technology-based company. It was co-founded in 1993 by Eng. Curtis Priem, Eng. Chris Malachowsky and Jen Hsun Huang who is currently the CEO. Its headquarters are in Santa Clara, California, USA. It designs graphics processing units (GPU) for gaming and system on a chip unit (SOCs) for mobile computing and automotive market. Its primary product line, GeForce, is directly in competition with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Radeon products.

NVidia Company has focused on four major markets. These are gaming, professional visualization, data centers, and auto. It has helped scientists and researchers, through its parallel processing abilities, to run high-performance applications. Since 1999, it brought growth in the PC gaming market, redefined modern computing and revolutionized parallel computing. Recently, it has taken the mobile computing by producing Tegra mobile processors for smartphones and also vehicle navigation and entertainment systems.

NVidia is currently focusing on artificial intelligence. This is a type of software enabling computers to simulate human intelligence. This technology is being used to deal with problems such as cancer detection, weather prediction, and self-driving cars. The main purpose of it is to help networks think like human beings. The AI technology has boosted the company's earnings of 2017. World’s leading Internet companies are hurrying to incorporate intelligence into every app.

Currently, NVidia’s GPU Technology simulates human intelligence, running deep learning algorithms as well as acting as the brain of computers with robots and self-driving cars that can understand the world and act on their own. 


NVDA is up 400% since early 2016.

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