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"Beanie, I wanted to wish you Best in the New Years.  I'm an avid follower of the blog and of the trading system you use.  I want to thank you for showing me a successful way to trade as well as developing the discipline to execute it.  I have generated a lot of bvi's this past year which has enabled me to show a profit in a difficult year."  --- R Heifetz

"...Thanks for all your ideas.  Even though I  have maintained a very conservative approach I'm still up 18% in three months.  My portfolio is small $30,000 but I am confident with your approach it will grow steadily."  --- Srini R.

"Genius.  I received your manual today and my first impression was there is nothing in here -  before I opened it.  I started reading it and was struck by how much sense it makes.  I read the whole thing and will reread it several times.  I have several questions but will not pose all of them till I review it... I was so excited about reading your manual that I missed half the information at my children's 4H meeting..."  --- P.D.

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